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Naturheilpraxis Nordend


Did you ever hear about massive successes of therapy through naturopaths? One session with the naturopath and health is restored? Are you thinking of this kind of wonder hoping for your own personal miracle healing as you are researching my approaches?

Miraculous if this is so.
BUT: dramatic changes like a one-session healing do not or very rarely occur!
Especially if you are sufferung from longer-lasting health problems as chronic diseases or recurring symptoms your body needs time as a whole. Time and Assistance for regeneration and to include necessary changes.
In general, one can say, that promises for wonders or massive changes through just one session of treatment have to be treated very careful!
A naturopathic treatment is a process. Symptoms do not occur over night and therefore treatment needs time to take a hold. Your body needs a lot of energy to battle these. This means to give your body time and space to regenerate. Please treat your self to this time! 
For many patients it is necessary to have a series of treatments of about 6 to 10 sessions. Treatments are taking place in intervals of a few days and a few weeks to a number of months. For longer-lasting health problems it can mean that more than 6 to 10 sessions are necessary.
A first idea of how much might be needes is possible only after the first session and a thorough examination and take-in of your medical history. A more realistic prognosis about the complete therapy and the costs arising can first be evaluated after three sessions.
Please treat yourself and your body to enough time to take on the chronic diseases to better or even heal. If you do not suffer from a chronic disease (yet), please be as attentive as possible, so that a chronic disease cannot start out at all!
Any questions? Please let me know: contact

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