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Naturheilpraxis Nordend


Main Treatment Areas:

Old Naturopathic Remedies
Traditional European Naturopathy
Gynecologic Naturopathy (hormonal imbalance as in puberty, PMS (Premenstrual Syndrom), menopause)
Reflexology of the foot
Iridology (“receipe from the eye”)
ISBT-Bowen-Therapy (
Reflexology of the ear
Herbal Remedies / Medicinal Plants


For many years I have been interested in health related topics.
After finishing my apprenticeship as office clerk and studies in Business Administration resulting in a BA “Business in Europe” with Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), I took up a more professional interest in alternative, personal and concrete naturopathy.
From May 2004 to My 2007 I visited Hessische Heilpraktikerschule Rhein-Main (Erich-Ausmeier Schule) in Hochheim as a full-time student. This school offers training in allopathic medicine as well as naturopathic remedies and a wide variety of therapies.
The span of therapies ranges from a first idea of body akupuncture and ayurverdic medicine to chiropractic exercises and therapeutic massaging, traditional western medicine derived from monastic medicine based on the teachings of Hildegard von Bingen to foot reflexology and iridology.
I took the therapies I grew most accomplished in and deepened my knowledge. Also I complemented  a manual therapy with ISBT Bowen-Therapy and am certified to lead courses in pH-Balanced Diets.

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